Medical Check Up

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Laboratory / Medical Check Up

Medical check up is one of the most important services we offer at JMC. Our lab screen will give you an in-depth tailored health analysis, screening your organ closely to detect the symptom that could be an indication of a major disease. Medical check up also serves as a personal medical record for your reference in the future. Our doctors suggest having a medical check up every 4 years until the age of 40 and then every one to three years thereafter. MCU packages:

  • Silver Package (Konsultasi Dokter - Hermatologi lengkap-Faal Hati - Faal Ginjal -Lemak - Karbohidrat - Urine Rutin) Rp. 630.000,-
  • Golden Package (Konsultasi Dokter Spesialis Penyakit Dalam - Hermatologi Lengkap - Faal Hati- Faal Ginjal - Lemak - Karbohidrat- Urine Rutin- EKG- Hepatitis B - CEA untuk wanita Rp. 1.200.000 atau- PSA untuk pria Rp. 1.100.000

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